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Turkish mauser markings

About Mauser 243 K98 Markings 1940 ** WWII Nazi German K98. Covered in a plethora of Nazi Waffenamt codes and markings. The Mauser 98, or Gewehr 98, was a rifle produced by Mauser gun company from 1898 to 1935. ... A Turkish made Mauser that was manufactured in the Askari Fabrika military factory, in early 1940 The action, barrel and bolt have.

The most common receiver markings for M1938 receivers is T.C., ASFA, Ankara,. This basically means, Republic of Turkey, Ankara Military Rifle Factory. Again, any rifle could have these markings although the K.Kale will usually indicate a receiver that was made at Kirikkale. And ATF will indicate a Gew.98 conversion.

Various Turkish and importer markings may be found scattered over the rifle. Many Imported by Century Arms International and so marked on the barrel muzzle on this example. Internal staggered box magazine, 5 rounds, 7.92 x 57 mm (8mm) Mauser caliber. Significance. Used by the Turkish Army in World War One. Physical description.

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Mechanicals. Yugoslavia's M24/47 features an intermediate-length Mauser-type action, a five-round staggered box magazine, a straight bolt handle, dual opposing locking lugs, and a full-length rotating claw-type extractor. A rather large hinged pull-catch at the left rear of the action allows bolt removal. The safety is a three-position type.

Turkish M1903 Mauser Bolt Body with Extractor, Stripped *Good* $69.95. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Czech VZ-24 Bolt Body, Stripped 8X57 Mauser *Good* $80.00. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Czech G33/40 Mauser Rear Sight Screw *Good* $2.75. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Czech G33/40 Mauser Rifle Bolt Takedown Disc Assembly *Good*.

2019-5-22 · Pro tip! If you’re going to be shooting an 8mm weapon, be wary of Turkish 8mm Mauser surplus. Special markings that you’ll find on an M48 Mauser. One thing MILSURP collectors (at least this one) love is the cool markings and features of these old warhorses. The M48 doesn’t disappoint here, at least in the models prior to the M48BO.

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